Past Performance

Alytic has developed a strong past performance and track record helping the U.S. Navy accomplish its mission in the areas of Navy Energy Conservation and Warfare Analysis. The following examples illustrate the scope of our skills and experience.


Energy Conservation

Alytic provides technical and programmatic support to facilitate logistics and energy savings technology development and aids in the insertion for shipboard energy conservation applications onboard Navy ships.


Engineering Services

Alytic maintains a core of engineering experience that encompasses civil and systems engineering.  This experience spans the entire systems development and operations life-cycle, from the earliest stage of requirements engineering through concept, preliminary and detailed design, design integration, production engineering, test and evaluation, including operations support.


Irregular Warfare Analysis

Alytic supports the Navy in the performance of analysis to include assessments of technology, testing and analyses, and logistics engineering. Alytic’s products assist the Navy in the determination and verification of warfighter needs. Alytic’s tasks support Irregular Warfare, Expeditionary Warfare and Special Operations such as unconventional warfare, special reconnaissance, and counterterrorism.


Critical Infrastructure Protection/Mission Assurance

Alytic has conducted operational mission and infrastructure assurance analyses to accomplish homeland security goals. Alytic has transitioned non-lethal technology and countermeasures to the Services.


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